Temporary help / Temporary help

Short-term temporary help for various industries and situations

  • Does your office or production need an extra pair of hands for a short time?
  • Would you like to "borrow" an assistant, receptionist, warehouse worker, cashier, or any other profession?
  • Do you need to process data or provide operators?
  • Do you need to strengthen your team for a certain project?
  • Have you gained a contract exceeding your current staff capacity?
  • Are you starting a new business or production area?
  • Would you like medium-term assistance in the warehouse or in production?

We have a wide database of diverse skilled workers.
We are ready to respond to your staffing needs.

We will provide you with the necessary number of employees.
These workers are ready to do the job according to your requirements.

You can choose to call off our employees at any time.
It is up to you to decide how long you will be using this manpower.

You can borrow one worker or a whole team of co-workers.
If you want, we can plan workers’ shifts according to your specifications, or leave to you.

What makes this service appealing to you

You do not have to deal with problematic recruitment, simply send an order to the agency and the required number of employees will be secured. In addition to working hours, you can also include the demands you have on your employees, whether they are qualifications, work experience, physical fitness, or language skills. We take full responsibility for handling all administrative tasks and legal obligations towards employees.

In the field of administration, you can use our receptionists, assistants, administrative staff, data entry people, payroll staff and support for other departments and positions. You do not have to deal with finding a cover in times of illness, vacation; a member of staff is leaving etc.

In other areas, you can use our warehouse workers, merchandise replenishers, cashiers, manual helpers, loading and unloading personnel, and other manual work. We only provide these workers for a medium duration.