Executive search

Direct executive search

  • Do you know the employees you would like to hire and need to reach out to them through professionals?
  • Would you like to reach top people who don't read job ads?
  • Do you want certain people to know about your job offer?

We know how to reach employees and how to present your job offer to gain the candidate’s interest. We can identify a suitable employee by ourselves or based on your assignment. We have recruitment experience for number of industries and levels on the corporate ladder. Confidentiality is a prerequisite for a successful outcome in making direct contact and we are well aware of this.

We will contact the chosen candidate regarding your job offer
You can give us details of a predetermined candidate or just a job offer description.

We will introduce the candidate to a specific job offer and find out his interest
We will present your company credibly and in a specific position so that expectations on both sides are identical.

We will arrange a meeting with the addressed candidate
When the candidate is interested in working for your company, we will arrange a meeting with them.

You pay the commission only in case of a positive outcome.


We have many years of experience in organizing tenders at all management levels. Our expert consultants precisely adhere to the client's specifications and ideas, striving for maximum individual approach. According to the client's requirements, we will include tests, case studies, assessment centers, references. We emphasize the precision and transparency of the selection of the right candidate and the whole selection process.