Recruitment / Recruitment

Finding and selecting employees for permanent employment, alternatively for part-time employment

We will find the right worker for you

  • We have a wide database of job seekers
  • We have long-term subscription to the most important advertising servers

We will examine the candidate's eligibility for working in your company

  • We test skills, conduct language and professional tests
  • We will only recommend candidates who have made it through a thorough selection process and meet the desired profile

You will obtain CVs of selected candidates and their assessments

  • In a well-arranged manner, we will put together an overview of recommended candidates' experiences and their references, if needed

We arrange interviews with candidates of your choice

  • Your selection process will be simplified
  • You do not pay a recruitment fee until you have decided to employ a candidate recommended by us

Money back guarantee

  • In case of your dissatisfaction or if the candidate leaves, we will arrange a suitable substitute, or we will refund a proportion of the recruitment fee.

… Let us work instead of you!

Why to choose Axial agency?

Our motto is personal approach to our corporate customers, but no less personal and warm approach to job seekers. Both sides are equally important to us, and our reputation is proof that this approach pays off. We are not an agency that just resends CVs. You always have the added value of describing our experience with both the job seeker, and the client we are recruiting for.

Our experience has led us to connect our clients only with candidates for whom we see a long-term perspective. Therefore, we also offer above-standard guarantees in the case of resignation of an employee recommended by us. We place high demands on our consultants and their eligibility is reflected in the outcome of the cooperation.