IT Bodyshopping / Ordering IT specialists

Finding and selecting IT professionals

When you need IT specialists for a specific project

  • We have a large database of IT professionals.
  • You can outsource IT specialists for the time period required.

We have a proven portfolio of IT suppliers

  • We can assign the project to an individual or a group of specialists.
  • We will only recommend candidates who have made it through a thorough selection process and meet the required criteria.

You will receive CVs of the selected candidates and their references

  • In a well-arranged manner we will describe their experiences, especially their references, and relevant work experiences.

You will significantly reduce both administration and headcount

  • We continuously expand and complement our suppliers' portfolio.
  • We will prepare an analysis and provide a project guarantee.

Positions you can outsource

  • SAP Consultant, non-SAP, Senior, Junior
  • Database Specialist
  • Tester
  • Programmer/ Developer
  • Architect
  • Analyst