Outplacement / Help with dismissals

Is it important for you to make redundant employees feel positively about your company? Leave it to us!

This service is intended for clients who would like to provide help and support to employees being made redundant due to organizational changes in the company. Our task is to significantly increase the chances of these employees in the job market, to actively help them in choosing the right job while maintaining a positive image of the current employer.

Outplacement phases

  • An individual motivational interview – diagnoses the current emotional state of the employee and identifies the direction of further employment (time range is individual for each employee).
  • Training – prepares employees for the effective search for a new job (e.g. preparing and putting together their CV and cover letter, rehearsing a job interview, simulation of possible situations etc.)
  • Professional counseling – effective support in labor market orientation and consultation before and during specific tenders; time range is individual for each employee (based on our experience, this time range is very flexible and adapts to the current needs of each individual employee).
  • Consultancy - close collaboration between employees and our senior consultants in finding a suitable job through the Axial Personnel Agency s.r.o. portfolio and other sources.

At all individual stages of outplacement, we evaluate the progress of employee implementation in the set processes and adjust the portfolio of services if necessary.

In the outplacement process, we strive to pursue an exclusively advisory role to enable employees to create their own professional self-image and to boost their self-esteem in finding new jobs.