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Complete assumption of responsibility and discretion in external payroll processing

Would you like to leave all your wage management to a reliable partner? External payroll processing ensures confidentiality and substitutability. You don't have to worry that your payroll clerk will leave, get sick or fail.

  • We will process your payroll documents; prepare calculated wages that you only send to employees. On your behalf, we can also take care of all legal employment documents, attachments to contracts, and prepare all other necessary documents, applications etc. We provide archiving, annual payroll settlement etc.
  • Personnel and payroll agenda are processed by experienced employees of our agency. The Agency solves all administrative, personnel and payroll agenda related to employment and provides related support.
  • We also take over all controls and responsibility for processing documents for related authorities.
  • As an experienced job agency, we have up to date information about the job market wage situation, so you can consult with us the correct wage policy setting.

During a personal meeting, we will introduce you our methodology, principles, and financial costs.

You will save your company money, staff, and worries.