Agency employment / Temporary allocation

Temporary assignment of staff employed by the agency. Short-term and long-term coverage of the required staff.

  • Do you need help?
  • Do you want to focus solely on the performance of your employees and leave the employment agenda with a reliable partner?
  • Do you wish not to have to deal with fluctuation or recruitment?
  • Would you like to be able to react flexibly to ever-changing employee needs?
  • Do you have fixed numbers of employees in certain departments but objectively, the numbers need to increase?
  • Do you need to raise your work productivity?
  • Do you have to cut your labor costs, but have budget reserves for some services?
  • Do you want to make the job of your payroll department easier, or you do not wish certain employees’ salaries to be publicly known in your company?

Employment through the agency

  • We will help you to solve various situations; when there is a need to increase or decrease the number of employees, e.g. long-term absence of a regular employee (maternity and parental leave) or even shorter absences (sickness, vacation).

What makes this service appealing

  • We take responsibility for personnel agenda and ensure all compulsory formalities, including signing up the employees for mandatory levies.
  • We guarantee flawless processing of payroll and timely payment of wages (clearing and paying wages, meal vouchers, business trips, operational advances, as well as provision of working means such as company cars, mobile phones, etc.)
  • We continuously communicate with the employee, find out their needs and provide advisory services.
  • We ensure all obligations related to the termination of employment are taken care of (social and health insurance cancellations, pension insurance records, Details of employee leaving work, income statement etc.)
  • You can entrust us with all the concerns regarding employee selection, recruitment, and employment.
  • Working with us brings you significant time saving. You do not have to deal with any formalities or organizational issues, negotiation with authorities. We also reduce your payroll costs which you can then spend on services.
  • You pay a percentage to the agency in proportion to your wage costs, which is minimal with respect to the service provided. The amount depends on the difficulty of processing and the number of assigned employees.